Tonight I went to a great play! It was called “Posh” and it was about an elite dining club at a British university.  The play was very upbeat and clever and focused around ten young (and good looking) British guys.  During scene changes they would sing acapella/beat box.  It was funny and they made a lot of jokes about the British.  I think I understood about half of the references and jokes, but I still thought it was funny.  They used a lot of expressions, like “savage” for really awesome.  The program even gave a glossary of terms and what they meant.  

It was a really nice break from school work this week.  We are getting down to the final weeks of classes, and I have a couple of assignments due and tests coming up.  I have been in the library the last two afternoons and haven’t gotten to do any more exploring, so it was really nice to get out and do something in the city! 



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