“Things I Love”

I have an ongoing list of things I love.  It started almost exactly two years ago, and I’ve almost reached 1500.  There are quite a variety of things on the list, and whenever I think of something new, I will add it to a “note” on my phone.  Every few weeks or so, I add the new items to the master list.  Here are my newest additions:

  • Triple names 
  • Names and/or paw prints in cement 
  • Swimming in the ocean 
  • Funny greeting cards 
  • Drawing on a fogged mirror 
  • De-wrinkling clothes with steam from a hot shower 
  • L couches 
  • Litters of puppies 
  • Great timing 
  • Emotional speeches 
  • Pancakes 
  • Snow men with character
  • Realizing it’s snowing 
  • Using a real carrot for a snowman’s nose 
  • People who go all out for the holidays 
  • Team USA 
  • Background stories on Olympians 
  • The gold medal ceremony 
  • When Olympians sing along to the national anthem in the gold medal ceremony 
  • Songs that make you want to dance 
  • The encore 
  • Taking pics of the sky from an airplane window 
  • Ten second timer on a camera 
  • Cupcakes 
  • Mylar balloons 
  • The kind of dark it is right before the sunrise 
  • Playing heads up with people in line 
  • The Olympic rings 
  • Highlight reels 
  • Paralympians 
  • Bagpipes 



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