the last two days…

Sadly I’ve missed blogging for the last two days! So here’s a catch up on my new experiences.  

On Thursday, Atlanta was still covered in ice and slush.  I took a long walk around Midtown and had my first ever Caramel Macchiato – it was fantastic.  The ice was melting pretty fast, so Piedmont Park was more puddles than snow, but apparently there was a snowboarder there just before I arrived.  Once I was confident the roads were clear, I met up with my friend Janie.  Thanks to Janie’s excellent coaching I was able to successfully parallel park for the first time ever! (I know it’s  crazy that I’ve made it 23 years without ever parallel parking).  

On Friday (yesterday) I got Chick-fil-a for breakfast! Might not seem exciting, but I drive by it almost every day and have always wanted to stop and get a chicken biscuit (yum!).  And yesterday, as a happy Friday treat, I got one – and it was fantastic! I also had a new babysitting experience last night.  I went to a new place, met a new family, and definitely had a unique experience.  

In other news, the USA’s men’s hockey team beat Russia in hockey this morning in a shootout! And the Heels play in an hour 🙂 

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