Last Night in London

Wow! 82 days went by fast.  I feel like the trip flew by, but them looking back, May 21st seems like SO long ago.  I am so lucky that I had this opportunity this summer.  I have gotten to see so much, meet so many people, and I have a ton of good stories to tell 🙂 

Some highlights from the trip: 

*Watching the US women’s soccer team beat Japan to win the gold medal 

*Meeting Olympians 

*Seeing Avicii at the O2 

*Attending the Diamond Jubilee Boat Procession 

*Going to places I’ve seen in movies (Notting Hill, the Peter Pan Statue, Camden Market, & Regents Park) 

*seeing art by Van Gogh, Picasso, Monet, da Vinci (there were a lot of highlights at the museums) 

*seeing the Eiffel Tower 

*going out in Dublin 

* going out in London 

*seeing Hamlet in the Globe Theatre 

*market shopping  

*seeing Kate Middleton 

*going vintage shopping in Brighton 

There are so many more things that I LOVED about this trip, but above all else, my favorite part was definitely getting to meet everyone (on the program, at my internship, and in London).  I’m sad to be leaving London and everyone here, but I am really excited to see everyone back home! 



One thought on “Last Night in London

  1. Carol Lucas says:

    Can’t wait to see you tomorrow. So glad it was such a great experience. We love you. Mom and Dad

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