Yesterday was SO amazing! I went to work in the morning decked out in my USA gear.  I have been keeping my boss updated with all the games, and she wanted to see my outfit before I left.  I was so excited and nervous all day, and I got to leave work early to go to the stadium.  The closer we got to the stadium, the more people were dressed up! There were people in kimonos, and SO many people in American swag! It was so much fun to see.  We were packed onto the tubes like sardines, but everyone was so excited, it was fun.  

Once we got to the stadium, it was clear how many people were going to the game.  We got there super early, but there was still a HUGE crowd trying to get in the stadium.  We made it inside and found our seats, which were UNBELIEVABLE! We were a little right of half field, across from the USA bench.  We got to see them warm up and sing the National Anthem.  

The stadium went CRAZY after the first goal! but then Japan had a couple of close attempts, and we heard all the Japan fans, and it must have been about even.  There were a ton of U-S-A cheers (which I love) but I was nervous for pretty much the entire game.  I was going to try to take pictures and hold up our signs, but I was too nervous and I didn’t want to stop watching.  

I am SO glad Team USA won! The place went CRAZY when the time finally ran out.  That last 5 minutes seemed like forever.  The whole team went crazy and Abby Wambach ran into the stands to grab an American flag.  It was so exciting! 

Then, the best part of the game (by far) was the gold medal ceremony! Everyone from all three teams was so excited, and hearing the National Anthem in that huge stadium was incredible.  All the Americans were singing and you could see the girls on the big screen were singing too.  

After the medals, most of the Japan fans and British people left, so it was basically just the American fans there.  They played “We Are the Champions,” “Born in the USA,” and other great songs and the USA girls ran around the field with their gold medals.  We got to leave our seats and go all the way down to the front, so we were actually pretty close to the girls! 

It was such a great experience! I still can’t believe I was there! What a great way to end a great summer in London! 


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