London Slang

After spending the summer in London, I have picked up on some “London Slang” to add to my vocabulary.  It took me a while to catch on to some of these, and I definitely made some embarrassing mistakes along the way BUT I’m learning. Here is my interpretation of what these words/phrases mean: 

Alight: get out of the tube… “Alight here for Buckingham Palace and the Royal Mall.”  

Bin: trash can, or can be used as the verb to throw something away….”chuck it in the bin” or “bin your gum”  

Bin liner: trash bag… “she could wear a bin liner and still look fabulous” 

Cash Point: ATM… had to do charades with a man in Scotland to get him to understand what I was saying 

Cheers: thank you/you’re welcome/goodbye/ending a conversation… common for cashiers to say when they give you your change 

Cinema: the movie theater 

Chips: french fries 

Crisps: chips 

Dodgy: sketchy …. “the park is a bit dodgy at night” 

Fancy: to like… “do you fancy a drink?” 

Fit: attractive, someone could be described as “fit” even if they are not in good shape…. “the British Bachelor is soooo fit” (the girls on that show say “fit” in almost every interview) 

Holiday: vacation… “we are going on holiday to Rome this weekend” 

Jumper: a sweater 

Loo/Toilet: the bathroom 

Massive: huge/awesome/amazing/incredible/cool.. it is a VERY popular adjective 

Mate: friend/buddy/dude/bro…. “he’s my best mate” 

Mind the Gap: do not fall into the space between the tube and the platform 

Nicked: stolen…. “we lock the Furtherfield sign to a tree so it does not get nicked” 

A sandwich short of a picnic: not the sharpest knife in the drawer/ not the brightest crayon in the box 

Pants: underwear… I learned to just say jeans after a couple of awkward moments talking about my pants. 

Prawn: shrimp… Prawn flavored crisps are everywhere! I haven’t been bold enough to try them yet.. I’ll have to do it this week. 

Queue: the line, or to wait in line…. “Queue here” “Are you in the queue?” “We are queuing to get into the stadium” 

Quid: their slang for pounds, basically like our “bucks”…… “Can I borrow 50 quid mate?” 

Rubbish: garbage, horrible…. the waste management’s slogan is “our business is rubbish” LOL 

Stag Night/Hen Night: bachelor and bachelorette party…. there were like six different Hen Nights at the Grease Sing-A-Long performance 

Take Away: To Go… “Do you want this for here or take away?” (and it’s often a little bit less expensive if you take away) 

Taking the piss: making fun, teasing… Londoners have fun taking the piss out of Americans for being American 

The Good and the Great: the upper crust 

Trainers: tennis shoes/sneakers… “some clubs have a strict policy against trainers” 

Uni: university/college 

Vest: tank top 

Way Out: exit… instead of exit signs, they say “WAY OUT” 





One thought on “London Slang

  1. Jimmy Smith says:

    Don’t you have prawn flavoured crisps?

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