Today, I officially attended my first Olympic Event! Yesterday I watched the triathlon, but today I had an actual ticket and got to go inside an actual Olympic Venue.  I went to the Excel Arena to watch Women’s Boxing AND this is the first time women’s boxing has been included in the Olympics, so I got to see history in the making 🙂 

Last week I thought the stadium was inside Olympic Park… it wasn’t, but it was so cool to see the inside of an Olympic venue.  The Excel Stadium also holds the table tennis, weightlifting, judo, and fencing competitions.  It was huge! The entire boxing stadium was packed, and we had pretty good seats.  We saw a series of matches, and the best one (hands down) was between an American and a Brit.  The majority-British crowd was really loud.  We cheered SO hard for Quanita Underwood, the American, but unfortunately she lost.  The whole thing was really fun to see, and they played pop girl-power songs between matches, which I thought was really funny.  

I’ve also been watching so much of the Olympics on TV.  Our “flat” shares a kitchen with a big TV, and it is always on the Olympics.  BBC is SEVERELY biased towards the British athletes, but it has still been a lot of fun to watch.  The most popular events are on between 7-9, when a lot of people congregate in the kitchen to make dinner.  We have had a lot of fun watching the games and cheering on TEAM USA! 

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