Olympic Spirit

 It is SO MUCH FUN to be in London during the Olympics.  Every time I see an Olympic official or volunteer decked out in their LONDON 2012 purple and orange outfits on the tube, in the park, or on the street, I get excited.  I LOVE seeing the fans dressed up in patriotic clothes, and the photographers and the journalists, and anyone who looks like they are involved in the Olympics. And last night I got to meet an Olympian! We went out for my roommate’s birthday and some of the Argentina team was there! It was so cool.  

There are also “houses” for each country spread around London.  Each has information about their country, things to buy, food, and other stuff like that.  I don’t really understand the point of these houses, but they are fun to visit.  Yesterday, we went to the USA house and it was awesome! Everyone in there was American and so happy and friendly.  Everyone was talking to each other and having fun trying on all the Olympic clothes.  They had all of the Ralph Lauren gear that the athletes wore in the Opening Ceremony, which was INCREDIBLY expensive.  They also had all the Nike gear, including the grey jackets the athletes wear on the medal podium.  Those are the coolest jackets I’ve ever seen.  They are made out of this special reflective material that shines with the flash on a camera.  When you take a picture, everything else blacks out.  We had a ton of fun having a photo shoot in the store, and pretending we were Olympians on the podium.  

 I’m about to watch the US women play New Zealand in soccer.  Go USA!


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