Great Day

I went to work yesterday (on a Saturday!) because Furtherfield was hosting a launch event for a sound sculpture.  I didn’t have to go, but after sending out so many emails and blog posts and e-vites I felt like I couldn’t miss it.  Plus I wanted to meet the artist and see what a Furtherfield event was like.  I’m so glad I went because it was definitely my favorite work day so far! “A Collective Memory of Childhood” (the sound sculpture) is a compilation of summer noises and local children singing nursery rhymes/classic songs.  It played into the park from large speakers outside the gallery.  

All of the interns, (Leonardo, Shaziya, Joshua, and I) were there! Normally I just work with one of them at a time, so it was really fun to all be together.  Shaziya and Leonardo took pictures and Joshua and I got to work the bar! It was only beer and wine, but I was still excited to be the bartender haha 

It was a very laid back event, and I got to meet the artist and a couple of the kids who contributed their voices to the sculpture.  The weather was perfect, we got to eat the food, and I had a lot of fun hanging out with the three other interns.  Then, after the party, about eight of us went to a local pub.  By this time it was around 6:00, so I was DYING to know the score of the women’s soccer game.  I asked the bartender if it would be ok to switch the channel, she recognized me as an American and asked where I was from.  I told her North Carolina, and the other bartender (with the TV remote) turned around and he was WEARING a North Carolina shirt and said that was his favorite place in the whole world! So thanks to North Carolina, he switched the channel to the women’s soccer game 🙂 


2 thoughts on “Great Day

  1. Richie says:

    Keep ’em comin’, Did the torch actually go through your neighborhood as you suggested might happen? Great story about North Carolina. Take care. Love, Richie

    • lucadoodle says:

      yes! it did, but I was at work, and unfortunately it did not go anywhere near Finsbury Park, but I did get very close to one of the Olympic torches today at Olympic Park!

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