Today I took the train to Canterbury.  Because I heard so much about it at Canterbury I felt like I HAD to go before I left London.  It was awesome! And the weather was so nice today which made it even better.  Canterbury Cathedral was beautiful, and I could tell how it inspired Canterbury’s Chapel.  It was bigger than I expected, and there were so many smaller chapels inside the cathedral.  The whole city of Canterbury was so cute, and I had so much fun walking around.  Then on the way home, I sat next to a girl on the train from a town in between Canterbury and London.  She was really nice, and it was fun to see how we had a lot to talk about even though we live in such different places.  And to fulfill the British stereotype, she mentioned Will Smith within the first 5 minutes of our conversation 🙂 I’m really glad I went and saw the place where Canterbury got its name.  


One thought on “CANTERBURY!

  1. carol lucas says:

    These photos are so beautiful!! i am so thrilled you got to see Canterbury- it looks incredible!
    Can’t wait for team USA to kick off tomorrow am!
    XO Mom

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