Monday Funday

Having Mondays off has turned out to be a GREAT thing because I get to go around and explore London and do whatever I want to do.  And all the places are considerably less crowded on Monday than on the weekend.  Today I went to the Tower of London and St. Paul’s Cathedral.  The Tower of London was a lot bigger than I was expecting.  I completely embraced being a tourist and went on a guided tour with a Yeomen Warder.  I got to see the Crown Jewels and the place where Anne Boleyn was killed and a bunch of old torture devices.  Then I had lunch by the Tower Bridge, which is decked out with HUGE Olympic rings! After lunch I went to St. Paul’s Cathedral because I had heard there is an amazing view of the city from the very top.  The Cathedral was beautiful and the view from the top was amazing! We had great weather today, which made it even better.  

I get the day off tomorrow too (because I’m working an event for the gallery on Saturday) so I’m going to Canterbury! I’m really excited to see Canterbury Cathedral and the weather is supposed to be really nice.  


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