More Explorin

Today I was working from home again, but the weather was so nice that I decided to put off my work until tonight and enjoy the day.  This morning I went to the Museum of London.  They had a special exhibit on the previous London Olympics (this is the 3rd time London will be hosting the games), and then the rest of the museum explained the history of London from before people lived here until today.  It was good to get an overview, and put together all the little things I have learned about into a timeline.  Then I went to Camden Markets.  I was excited to go on a less crowded day and poke around some more.  I got some good food and got to see a lot of the stalls I didn’t see last time.  Then, I went to Regents Park, which was AMAZING! I have wanted to go ever since I learned that was where 101 Dalmatians took place.  It was so pretty! It kind of looked like the setting in the 101 Dalmatians movie, and it had the largest flower garden I have ever seen! I took a ton of pictures and loved being outside in the non-rainy weather.  Now, I’m back at the Crofton, and I am going to do a Nike Fit Workout in Hyde Park with some of my flatmates! 


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