Brighton: London’s artsy little sister

Today I went on a day trip to Brighton, and it was amazing! Ever since I heard it described as London’s artsy little sister I have been excited to go, and it definitely lived up to its reputation.  As soon as we arrived we went to the Royal Pavilion, which was an incredibly elaborate royal beach retreat.  Our tour guide told us it was called an “Oriental Tart,” which I thought was hilarious but also very appropriate.  After the Pavilion we went down to the beach where they had a boardwalk with lots of boardwalk-y games and food.  It was not very hot but it still felt good to be near the ocean.  Then we went into the city center which is a bunch of tiny roads filled with vintage shops.  It was so cool! I could’ve stayed there for days.  There was so much to look at.  I got some cool stuff including this AMAZING windbreaker from the 1988 Olympics.  It’s brilliant! (or at least that’s how the British would describe it) 

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