Day #2

Today was my 2nd day at Furtherfield, and I definitely felt more “in my element.”  This morning, I got to meet the head/founder of the gallery.  He was very nice and (thankfully) not as intimidating as I had imagined.  I got to talk to him and my boss about the concepts behind some of the pieces which was great! The exhibit is called “Invisible Forces” and it’s all about the external and mostly technological forces that impact our daily lives.  I was also given my first Marketing assignment, which was to send out and post the press release for the gallery’s next big project.  I actually felt like I knew what I was doing because we I’ve done similar things with Habitat back at school.  

And today, there was another intern there.  He has been working at the gallery for the last month and he was so nice! We “ran the gallery” together all afternoon and had fun talking about London, and the Olympics, and different funny stories about people not showing emotion on the tube.  It was a good day and a lot more people came by the gallery than I was expecting.  It was cold and raining but there was still a pretty constant flow of people coming in to check out the exhibit.  

Tomorrow I get to work on the gallery’s blog and flickr pages and “run the gallery” with the other intern, who hopefully will be just as nice! I need to take pictures of the Furtherfield Gallery and Finsbury Park (where it’s located) but it rained both days when I was leaving! I’m hoping tomorrow it will be sunny. 


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