1st day of my internship!

Today I officially started work at the Furtherfield Gallery! They were doing a workshop on “Technologies of Attunement.”  Two artists/physicists have been building this sculpture to measure VLF waves and today they had three other artists/physicists come in and brainstorm how best to capture and represent the disturbances.  So, needless to say, I was not much help on today’s project.  But they were all very nice! and I learned more about physics than I ever have in my entire life! My job was to “document the process,” so I took pictures of the group deep in discussion and constructing the large antenna.  

Then in the afternoon, I watched a documentary on the current gallery exhibition.  It was basically interviews with the artists where they described the concept behind their work.  Tomorrow (and Friday) I am going to be working in the gallery, showing people around and telling them about the exhibit.  I will also be working with another student from a British University, which I am really excited about!  


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