Cool Things I Saw Today

I had a free day today because the place I’m working is closed on Mondays, so I got to do some exploring! I went to the V&A Museum in the morning, which was way bigger than I was expecting.  They had a huge variety of stuff and I definitely need to go back! One of my favorite parts was the theatre section.  There were outfits/costumes from famous performers/characters.  And they also had a lot of stuff on set design which was really cool.  They had it laid out so you could see the sketches, the models, and then photos of the real sets.  And then in the afternoon I went to the British Museum, which was also amazing! 

The coolest things I saw today: 

*Scar and Sarabi’s costumes from the Lion King 

*the set design for Lady Gaga’s Monster Ball 

*the Rosetta Stone 

*Picasso’s sketches 

*a man walking his doberman in rollerblades 

*the most famous chess set it the world

*the Olympic Medals for London 2012 


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