World Pride

Yesterday we went to the World Gay Pride Parade in London’s equivalent of Time Square.  It was crazy! There were so many people, a ton of costumes, and everyone was just so happy.  We got to watch part of the parade come through Trafalgar Square, and then went to Soho to enjoy the post-parade festivities.  I heard someone say that they could not believe how many people were supportive of them, and another guy said he woke up excited because he knew that today was “his day.”  Also everyone was so nice and friendly to us and thanked us for being supportive! 

It was a really cool thing to be a part of, and definitely unlike anything I have ever seen before. It made me a little sad that it was not the “norm” for everyone there to feel accepted, but hopefully the world will continue to grow to be more accepting.  

Today has been kind of uneventful.  I slept in and cleaned my room and then went on a nice run in Hyde Park where it was cold, then hot, and then started to rain.  Everything has been kind of low key today because a lot of people start their internships tomorrow.  Mine doesn’t start until Tuesday, so I’m excited to go exploring all day tomorrow.  I’m going to the V&A in the morning, and hopefully the British Museum in the afternoon.  

I was planning out my calendar for the rest of my time here (ahh!) and I still feel like I have so much more to do! I am really excited for the upcoming weeks, and I can’t even imagine what the city is going to be like when the Olympics start!


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