Greetings from Dublin! 

We have done so much in the last couple of days! We arrived in Dublin on Friday night after taking a train, a plane, and a bus.  We are staying at the “Barnacles” Hostel, which has been quite an experience.  The four of us are in a small room with two strangers.  One is very friendly and the other one does not speak at all.  So far, everyone here has been super friendly.  We have been super touristy so far.  Yesterday we went to the Guinness Factory, and then to St. Patrick’s Cathedral and the Dublin Castle.  Then last night we bonded with the people from our hostel before going out.  It’s really cool because everyone staying here seems to be about my age, but from all over the world.  We were all talking and playing games in the common room, and I brought out Catchphrase.  No one had played it before, and IT WAS AWESOME! There were like 12 of us playing with a huge variety of accents.  The Belgian guys did not really understand the game, but everyone was trying really hard, and people got really into it! 

Today we woke up and the weather was beautiful! It was supposed to rain, but it was sunny and warm.  We had breakfast/brunch outside, and then went to Kilmainham Goal, which is a huge old Irish jail.  We took a tour and actually learned a lot about Irish history.  Then this afternoon we walked around and went to Grafton Street, which is a big shopping street.  There were a ton of performers outside and a lot of things to look at.  

We are leaving Dublin tomorrow to go to Belfast.  I’m excited to see what it’s like! We are taking the train through Ireland to get there, which should be pretty cool.  Our marketing teacher (who is from Belfast) told us where to sit to have the best view.  

My traveling “team” has been so great too! Rachel, Michelle, and Tyler are all a lot of fun to be around, and I’m definitely getting to know them better quickly living this close.  I wish my sisters could meet them! They kind of remind me of each other! 

Hopefully I’ll be able to post another update from Belfast!! And I am going to have SO many good pictures to post when I get back to London! 


One thought on “DUBLIN!

  1. carol lucas says:

    So glad to hear from you and happy that all is well!!! Be sure to look out for any McMahon’s!
    I love you,

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