“The Good Things”

This is a list of 1000 things that make me feel happy/good about the world.  I started it this spring, right before Easter when it was getting hard to not complain… (I had give up complaining for Lent).  It has been really fun to think of and add to, and hear what other people want to suggest! 


  1. 21st birthdays
  2. A cool breeze on a hot day
  3. A full moon
  4. A good hair day
  5. A good phone call
  6. a good sound system
  7. A grand entrance
  8. A Knight’s Tale
  9. A new episode of a good TV show
  10. A person’s reaction when they eat something very sour
  11. A running jump onto a bed
  12. Acceptance letters
  13. Accomplishing something you didn’t think you’d be able to do
  14. Adorable sibling relationships
  15. Adrenaline
  16. Aha moments
  17. Air chairs
  18. Alter egos
  19. Amelia Earhart 
  20. America’s Funniest Home Videos
  21. Animals dressed as people
  22. Appetizers
  23. Arm rests
  24. Arriving at the beach
  25. Asking a stranger to take a group picture
  26. Astronauts
  27. Audience participation
  28. Awkward family photos
  29. Awkward solo shots
  30. Awkward voice mails
  31. Baby animals
  32. Baby pictures
  33. Backpacks on wheels
  34. Backstage passes
  35. Bagpipes
  36. Balloons
  37. Bandanas
  38. Bands that have so many people they don’t take breaks
  39. Bath tubs with claw feet
  40. Bathrobes
  41. befriending the DJ
  42. Behind-the-scenes TV specials 
  43. Bein artsy
  44. Being able to recite something from memory
  45. Being able to recognize a person by their car
  46. Being able to sleep in
  47. Being able to take pictures on your phone
  48. Being able to tie a tie
  49. Being first in line
  50. Being in charge
  51. Being in the right place at the right time
  52. Being mistaken for an athlete
  53. being on stage
  54. being on the roof
  55. Being outside on a nice night
  56. Being part of a really excited crowd
  57. Being part of the procession
  58. Being proud of someone you taught/coached
  59. Being proud of yourself
  60. Being tan
  61. Being the only one on the road
  62. Bells on bikes
  63. Belting out Adele songs
  64. Beyonce
  65. Big brothers who look out for little sisters
  66. Big leaf piles
  67. Big tubs of bubble gum
  68. Bingo
  69. Bird feeders
  70. Birthdays
  71. Blankets
  72. Blaring music
  73. Blowing bubbles through a straw
  74. Blowing out candles
  75. Blue Gatorade
  76. Blue raspberry jolly ranchers
  77. Bobbing for apples
  78. Body pillows
  79. Bonding time
  80. Booze cruises
  81. Bottle caps
  82. Break dancing
  83. Breakfast in bed
  84. Breathy singing
  85. British accents
  86. Bromances
  87. Bubble baths
  88. Bubble wrap
  89. Bubbles
  90. Bucket lists
  91. Bulletin board decorations
  93. Burying your feet in the sand
  94. Butterflies
  95. Buying school supplies
  96. Calling Bingo
  97. Campfires
  98. Cancelled class
  99. Candid camera
  100. Candid photos
  101. Candy
  102. Candy necklaces
  103. Canned Gatorade
  104. Canterbury
  105. Capri sun
  106. Capture the flag
  107. Caravanning
  108. Card tricks
  109. Carnival games
  110. Carpe Diem
  111. Carpooling
  112. Catch phrase
  113. Catching a bubble without it popping
  114. Catching a leaf before it hits the ground
  115. Catching food in your mouth
  116. Catching snowflakes on your tongue
  117. Catching up with old friends
  118. Catching yourself before you fall completely
  119. Catchphrase
  120. Cats Cradle
  121. Ce La Vie
  122. Celebrity friendships
  123. Celebrity sightings
  124. Chalkboard paint
  125. Chalkboards
  126. Cheering
  127. Cheers-ing
  128. Chivalry
  129. Chocolate milk
  130. Chopsticks
  131. Christmas cards
  132. Christmas eve
  133. Christmas in July
  134. Christmas music
  135. Christmas pageants
  136. Christmas trees
  137. Class pets
  138. Class photos
  139. Class picture day
  140. Clearance sales
  141. Clichés
  142. Close up photos of pets
  143. Clothes straight from the dryer
  144. Cloudless skies
  145. Club houses
  146. Coed teams
  147. Coffee
  148. Coke Slushies
  149. Cold movie theaters
  150. Collage-ing
  151. Comfortable shoes
  152. Complements
  153. Complements from strangers
  154. Completing a seemingly impossible task
  155. Contagious laughter
  156. Contagious yawning
  157. Correctly guessing at multiple choice
  158. Costumes
  159. Couches you sink into
  160. Count downs
  161. Crawling through an air duct
  162. Crazy straws
  163. Crossing something off your bucket list
  164. Crossing the street before the time on the crosswalk runs out
  165. Crushed ice
  166. Cutting construction paper
  167. Cymbals
  168. Dalmatians
  169. Dance offs
  170. Dance routines
  171. Dance walking 
  172. Dancing to live music
  173. Déjà vu
  174. Dimples
  175. Dinner Dances
  176. Dinner parties
  177. Dioramas
  178. Dippin’ dots
  179. Discovering someone’s most played song on iTunes
  180. Disney Channel Original Movies
  181. Disneyworld
  182. Diving into water
  183. Diving under a wave
  184. Documentaries
  185. Dog tricks
  186. Dogs in sunglasses
  187. Dogs sticking their heads out the car window
  188. Dolphins
  189. Don’t touch the ground
  190. down comforters
  191. Dramatic announcers on TV
  192. Dramatic comebacks
  193. Dramatic singing
  194. Drawing in wet cement
  195. Drawing with chalk
  196. Dream catchers
  197. Dressing up in costume
  198. Drinking games
  199. drinking out of the top of a thermos
  200. Drivers license/passport photos
  201. Easter Egg hunts
  202. Eating outside
  203. eating the batter
  204. Eavesdropping
  205. Elementary school pageants
  206. Ellen’s Dance Dares
  207. Embracing awkward moments
  208. Emotional TV
  209. Encore performances
  210. End of the year mash ups of the year’s best songs
  211. Enthusiasm
  212. Erasable pens
  213. Eric Carle illustrations
  214. Everybody Dance Now
  215. Extra credit
  216. Face paint
  217. Fairy tales
  218. falling asleep on airplanes/buses/trains
  219. Falling asleep when its raining outside
  220. Falsetto
  221. Family reunions
  222. Family traditions
  223. Fanny packs
  224. Fat people with great agility
  225. Feeling the sun on your skin
  226. Feeling your heart rate slow down after exercising
  227. felt tipped pens
  228. Field day
  229. Field trips
  230. Figuring out a person’s least favorite song
  231. Figuring out someone’s password
  232. Finally finding something you have lost
  233. Finding money from the Tooth Fairy
  234. Finding things you had hidden
  235. Finding yourself in a big group photo
  236. Finger painting
  237. Fire drills
  238. fire trucks 
  239. Firefighters
  240. Fireworks
  241. Flaring your nostrils
  242. Flash mobs
  243. Flat Stanley
  244. Flea markets
  245. Flotillas
  246. Flower girls
  247. food eating contests
  248. Food fights
  249. Foreigners attempting an American accent
  250. Forts
  251. Fortune cookies
  252. Franki Valli’s “Can’t Take My Eyes Off of You”
  253. Free cookies at Harris Teeter
  254. Free food
  255. Free refills
  256. Free samples
  257. Free time
  258. Freeze-E Pops
  259. Fresh flowers
  260. freshly sharpened pencils
  261. Fridays
  262. Friendly pilots
  263. Friendship bracelets
  264. Frockets
  265. Full notebooks
  266. Fun band aids
  267. Fun facts
  268. Funny pet photos
  269. Funny/awkward interviews
  270. Game winning shots
  271. Gary Burtier and Julius Campbell’s relationship
  272. Getting a bonus
  273. Getting a mixed CD
  274. Getting a new stamp in your passport
  275. Getting a text that makes you smile
  276. Getting a To Go box at a restaurant
  277. Getting a trophy
  278. Getting an extra hour with day light savings
  279. Getting excited about little things
  280. Getting free stuff
  281. Getting mail
  282. Getting off the airplane
  283. Getting pumped up
  284. Getting sucked in to a TV marathon
  285. Getting tan without getting burnt
  286. Getting the corner booth at a restaurant
  287. Getting the food out of your teeth
  288. Getting the water out of your ear
  289. Getting to be in charge of the music
  290. Getting to know people
  291. Getting to ride shotgun
  292. Getting your driver’s license
  293. Gift baskets
  294. Gift cards
  295. Gift shops
  296. Glamour shots
  297. Glass bottles
  298. Glitter
  299. Glow in the dark stars that stick to the ceiling
  300. Glow sticks
  301. Going out to celebrate at the end of a project/event
  302. Going through old notebooks and diaries
  303. Going to the movies
  304. Gongs
  305. Good deals
  306. Good ideas
  307. Good news
  308. Good pictures
  309. Good Samaritans
  310. Good stories
  311. Good teachers
  312. Google search history
  313. Googly eyes
  314. Graffiti
  315. Grandparents
  316. Great auditions from competition TV shows 
  317. Great views
  318. Group bonding
  319. Group photos where everyone is smiling
  320. Group reflections (highs and lows)
  321. Guessing the answer to the joke on the popsicle stick before you finish the popsicle
  322. Gutter guards at bowling alleys
  323. Hakuna Matata
  324. Half birthdays
  325. Half time speeches
  326. Hammocks
  327. Hand made signs
  328. Hand written notes
  329. Hanging out in a bathrobe after a shower
  330. Happy tears
  331. Harmonicas
  332. Having a picture pop up on your phone when someone calls you
  333. Having an entourage
  334. Having to work together to paddle a canoe
  335. Head bobbing
  336. Hearing someone’s most embarrassing moment
  337. Hearing the song that has been stuck in your head
  338. Heart to hearts
  339. Hidden talents
  340. Hitting the roof of the car for good luck when you drive through a yellow light
  341. Holiday sweaters
  342. holidays
  343. Homemade Christmas ornaments
  344. hometown heroes
  345. Honeysuckles
  346. Honking the horn
  347. Horseback riding
  348. Hot lunch day
  349. Hot rain
  350. Hugs
  351. Hula hoops
  352. Humming
  353. Ice cold drinks
  354. Ice cream cake
  355. Ice cream cones
  356. Ice cream trucks
  357. Ice in your drink
  358. Ice sculptures
  359. ICEEs
  360. IMDB
  361. Indian bonfires
  362. Infinity pools
  363. Inspirational quotes
  364. Inspirational speeches
  365. Intense conversation
  366. Interesting strangers
  367. Intuition
  368. Jars of coins
  369. Jock Jams
  370. Juggling
  371. Jumping in the water with your clothes on
  372. Jumping off a boat
  373. Jumping off the diving board
  374. Jumping over the garage door sensor as its closing
  375. Karaoke
  376. Karma
  377. Kazoos
  378. Kendall Marshall and Stilman White’s relationship
  379. Kevin Jonas
  380. Kids’ crafts
  381. Kindergarteners’ handwriting
  382. Kiss the clock
  383. Knowing all the words to a song
  384. Knowing you can sleep in as late as you want
  385. Knowing you got the test question correct
  386. L couches
  387. Larger than life pianos
  388. Late night cooking
  389. Laughing
  390. Laughing so hard you cry
  391. Laughs that turn into coughs 
  392. Laundry chutes
  393. Laying on a raft in the water
  394. Learning new sayings/expressions
  395. Leisurely breakfast
  396. Lemonade stands
  397. letters to Santa
  398. Licking the top of a pudding cup
  399. Light up dance floors
  400. Light up shoes
  401. Limos
  402. Listening to music in the car
  403. Listening to music while you’re in the shower
  404. Listening to songs at their appropriate time (5 o’clock in the morning, September, etc)
  405. Little kids decked out in their favorite team’s gear
  406. little kids laughing
  407. Lollipops at the bank
  408. Long weekends
  409. Long, held out notes in songs
  410. Looking at the stars
  411. Looking back on something and realizing how great it was
  412. Looking forward to something
  413. Looking through old pictures
  414. Looking through people’s phone pictures 
  415. Lost and found
  416. Lounge chairs
  417. Loving your hometown
  418. Made up Holidays
  419. Magic
  420. Magic shell chocolate sauce
  421. Magic tricks
  422. Make your own ice cream sundaes
  423. Making a penalty kick
  424. Making bets 
  425. Making it through a series of green traffic light
  426. Making someone smile
  427. Making the car fly
  428. Making the winning goal/play
  429. Maniac Magee
  430. Marcus Luttrell
  431. Mardi Gras in New Orleans
  432. Market Street Brass Band
  433. Mary Kate and Ashley movies
  434. Mascots
  435. Mason jars
  436. Massages
  437. Matching outfits
  438. Meeting someone who shares your birthday
  439. Memories that make you laugh just thinking about them
  440. Men getting pedicures
  441. Mental math
  442. Michael Jackson songs
  443. Middle school dances
  444. Middle school field trips
  445. Midnight premieres
  446. Milkshakes
  447. Mints at restaurants
  448. Miracles
  449. Misheard lyrics to songs
  450. Mo Cheeks helping that girl sing the National Anthem
  451. Monocles
  452. Montages
  453. Movie scenes where everyone spontaneously breaks out into song
  454. Movie scenes with any singing or dancing
  455. Movie theater popcorn
  456. Mrs. Hoochiebottom
  457. Mrs. Tatttletale
  458. Ms. Piggle Wiggle
  459. Mulchers
  460. Murals
  461. Musicals
  462. My life be like ooohhh ahhhh
  463. Mylar helium balloons
  464. Naps
  465. NASA
  466. Navy seals
  467. Nervous excitement
  468. New crayons
  469. New sharpies
  470. New sneakers
  471. New songs
  472. Newsies
  473. Nice cameras
  474. Nicknames
  475. Night lights
  476. Night swimming
  477. Night time sky lines
  478. No homework
  479. Nostril flaring
  480. Notebooks with unlined pages
  481. Old men who wear bow ties
  482. Old people trying to figure out technology
  483. Olympians
  484. One hit wonders
  485. ongoing email chains
  486. Open windows
  487. Oprah’s favorite things
  488. Optical illusions
  489. Orangeade
  490. Outdoor concerts
  491. Outdoor furniture
  492. Outdoor seating
  493. Outdoor showers
  494. Outer space
  495. Over night field trips
  496. Pancakes
  497. Panoramic views
  498. Paper shredders
  499. Parades
  500. Parkour
  501. Party tricks
  502. Patriotic clothing
  503. Paying it forward
  504. Peeling off stickers in one whole piece
  505. Pen pals
  506. People dancing in their cars
  507. People dressed as food
  508. People eating tacos
  509. people learning how to play musical instruments
  510. People named Jack
  511. people running in airports
  512. People running with their backpacks
  513. People who cheer for you at races
  514. People who defy their stereotypes
  515. People who have known you your whole life
  516. People who laugh easily
  517. People who live to be 100 years old
  518. People with contagious laughs
  519. People you have known for your whole life
  520. People’s AIM screen-names
  521. Pep talks
  522. Percussion instruments
  523. Perfect timing
  524. Phenomena
  525. Phone booths
  526. Photo albums
  527. Photo bombing
  528. Photo books
  529. Piano bars
  530. Pianos
  531. Picture text messages
  532. Pictures of grandparents (or parents) when they were your age
  533. Piggy banks
  534. Piñatas
  535. Pinky promises
  536. Play dough
  537. Playing 20 questions with kids
  538. Playing flip cup and successfully landing it on the first flip
  539. Plush chairs
  540. Pogo sticks
  541. Pool bars (where you can order from the water)
  542. Popping open a bottle of champagne
  543. Popsicles
  544. Porches
  545. Posing with statues for pictures
  546. Poster size post it notes
  547. Pottery wheels
  548. Pranks
  549. Pregnant women dancing
  550. Pressing your face against a window to make a funny face
  551. Pretending an orange slice is a mouth guard
  552. Pretending you know the words to a song
  553. Previews in movie theaters
  554. Promotions
  555. Public announcements
  556. Pulling into the driveway after a long trip
  557. Pumpkin carving
  558. Puppies
  559. Puppies yawning
  560. Putting your iPod on shuffle
  561. Quoting movies or songs in casual conversation
  562. Quoting Tyra Banks
  563. Rain dances
  564. Rainbow sprinkles
  565. Rainbows
  566. Raising your feet off the ground when you drive over train tracks
  567. raising your feet over railroad tracks
  568. Random acts of kindness
  569. Re-enactments
  570. Re-hashing stories from the night before
  571. Re-watching Disney movies
  572. Reading what people wrote in your yearbook
  573. Real pants with an elastic waist band
  574. Real talk
  575. Real World/Road Rules Challenges
  576. Realizing it’s snowing
  577. Really big paper
  578. Recalling the first time you met
  579. Receiving a letter you wrote to yourself when you were younger
  580. Receiving mail
  581. Recognizing someone’s voice before you see them
  582. Referencing books everyone read as a kid
  583. Reflections on water
  584. Refreshing beverages
  585. Regular shoes in baby sizes
  586. Relay races
  587. Remember the Titans theme song
  588. Remembering someone’s name
  589. Reunions
  590. Reuniting at the airport
  591. Revolving doors
  592. Riding a bike down hill
  593. Ring bearers
  594. Road trips
  595. Roaring Gap
  596. Rocking chairs
  597. Rolling the windows down
  598. Rooms with multiple bunk beds
  599. Rope swings
  600. Rotary phones
  601. Round tables
  602. Running hugs
  603. Running in place at an intersection
  604. Running into the ocean
  605. Running through the sprinkler
  606. Ryan Gosling “Hey Girl” memes
  607. S’mores
  608. Sandcastles
  609. Santa
  610. Santa hats
  611. Sassy Nike shirts
  612. Saying “Merry Christmas” to strangers
  613. Scavenger hunts
  614. School field trips
  615. Scrapbooks
  616. Screaming
  617. Sculptures made from repurposed materials
  618. Sea glass
  619. secret handshakes
  620. Secret missions
  621. Secret passage ways
  622. Seeing a famous painting in real life
  623. Seeing a friend you haven’t seen in a long time
  624. Seeing a movie in theaters
  625. Seeing people from class out at night
  626. Seeing people ride a tandem bicycle
  627. Seeing people you know on TV
  628. Seeing someone drink out of an “Andy Brooks Melissa” cup
  629. Seeing someone sleeping in class
  630. Seeing someone wear a t-shirt you designed
  631. Seeing the clock change from 11:59 to 12:00
  632. Seeing the finish line
  633. Seeing the sun rise/set
  634. Sentimental slide shows
  635. Sentimental speeches
  636. Service trips
  637. Setting a personal best
  638. Shag dancing
  639. Sharpened pencils
  640. Shaving cream beards
  641. Shooting stars
  642. Showers with high water pressure
  643. Sidewalk chalk
  644. Signing casts
  645. Signing yearbooks
  646. Silly puddy
  647. Silly string
  648. Sing along songs
  649. Sing-a-longs
  650. Singing along to instrumentals
  651. Singing at the top of your lungs
  652. Singing in the car
  653. Singing into a fan
  654. Sketchbooks
  655. Skorts
  656. Sledding
  657. Sleeping outside
  658. sliding to your knees
  659. Slippers
  660. Slow claps
  661. Slushies
  662. Smells connected to memories
  663. Smiling
  664. Smiling and nodding to pretend you understand
  665. Snacks at the end of a soccer game
  666. SNAG golf
  667. Sneaking “forbidden” objects past airport security
  668. Sneaking food into movie theaters
  669. Snow
  670. Snow cones
  671. snow cream
  672. Snow men
  673. Songs that play during the credits of romantic comedies
  674. Songs that spell
  675. Songs that were written for movies
  676. Songs you can clap to
  677. Soundtracks from movies
  678. Souveniers
  679. Space and pace
  680. Space missions
  681. Special features
  682. Special occasions
  683. Special talents
  684. Spirit week
  685. Spit takes
  686. Splatter painting
  687. Sports games with players from multiple generations
  688. Spray bottles with fans
  689. Squeezing too many people into a car
  690. Squirting whipped cream
  691. Squirting whipped cream directly into your mouth
  692. Stained glass windows
  693. Standing in a bubble
  694. Standing up out of the sunroof
  695. Staying at the table as different people come and go
  696. Stickers
  697. Stone Soup
  698. Stories from the dentist
  699. Straddling the border line
  700. Strangers bonding over a common goal
  701. Strangers living together
  702. Strangers stuck in small spaces
  703. Street art
  704. Stretching
  705. Stuffed animals
  706. successfully communicating with someone who does not speak English
  707. Successfully untying a difficult knot
  708. Sugar cones
  709. Summer nights
  710. Sun roofs
  711. Sunshine
  712. Sunshine while it’s raining
  713. Superlatives
  714. Superstitions
  715. Surprise homecomings
  716. Surround sound
  717. Swag
  718. Swimming in your clothes
  719. Swimming when it’s raining
  720. Swivel-y chairs
  721. T-shirt canons
  722. Taking a good picture
  723. Taking pictures with a statue
  724. Taking the travel toiletries from hotels
  725. Taking your backpack off at the end of the school day
  726. Talent shows
  727. Talking with your mouth full
  728. Tall socks
  729. Team building activities
  730. Team cheers
  731. Team huddles
  732. Team USA
  733. Teepees
  734. Telling a good story
  735. That comb they give you before your class picture
  736. The “musical” episode of a TV show
  737. The autobiography project at Canterbury
  738. The bag game
  739. The beginning to the Olympic Theme Song
  740. The best part
  741. the beverage & snack cart on an airplane
  742. The bios they do on Olympic Athletes
  743. the blooper reel
  744. The Boxcar Children
  745. The Boy Scouts & Girl Scouts
  746. The Buried Life
  747. The Canterbury School bus
  748. The chemical shower game
  749. The Christmas episode of a TV show
  750. The crescendo
  751. The descant
  752. The dog from Oliver and Company
  753. The dollar store
  754. the dramatic snapping scene in West Side Story
  755. The drum solo that starts the song “Two Princes”
  756. The end of Olympics credit/wrap up
  757.  The Endless Summer poster
  758. The extra milkshake that comes in that big silver cup
  759. The first 10 seconds of chewing gum
  760. The first time it is warm enough to wear shorts after winter
  761. The first time it snows
  762. The Fourth of July
  763. The free toothbrush you get at the dentist
  764. The Fresh Prince theme song
  765. The funny face picture
  766. The gold medal ceremony
  767. The handicap stall in the bathroom
  768. The Happy Shack
  769. The happy van
  770. The ice cream truck
  771. The kind of tan you are at the end of the summer
  772. The kindness of strangers
  773. The last bite of an ice cream cone with the chocolate
  774. The last day of school 
  775. The Little Rascals wave
  776. The lodge
  777. The Macarena
  778. The Make A Wish Foundation
  779. The mall
  780.  the moment right before something exciting
  781. The moon
  782. The moon’s reflection on the water
  783. The Olympics
  784. The opening scene to Love Actually
  785. The opening scene to the Lion King
  786. The phrase “explosively inconsistent”
  787. The picture where no one is ready
  788. The pink glove dance
  789. The previews before a movie
  790. The saltine challenge
  791. The short bus
  792. The smell of clean towels
  793. The smell of Omega Sports
  794. The snacks at the end of a blood drive
  795. The Spice Girls
  796. The stripes in freshly cut grass
  797. The stuffed animal/blanket/pillow you’ve had since you were born
  798. The ten minutes of stretching at the end of an exercise class
  799. The tiny marshmallows that come in a pack of hot chocolate
  800. The twilight bark
  801. The view from the top
  802. The VIP area
  803. The wind in your hair
  804. Theme songs
  805. Themed playlists
  806. Thinking of a great Halloween costume
  807. Throwing food
  808. Throwing water balloons
  809. Tight hugs
  810. Time capsules
  811. Traumarama
  812. Tree houses
  813. Triplets
  814. Trips
  815. Trophies
  816. Trying to sing along with a song and having to switch octaves
  817. Trying to subtly open a can
  818. Trying to talk to someone when you are brushing your teeth
  819. Tunnels (when people line up with their hands up to make a tunnel)
  820. Tutus
  821. TV show finales
  822. Twins
  823. Twit pics
  824. Tye dye
  825. Underdogs
  826. Unexpected friendships
  827. Unspoken understandings
  828. Untouched snow
  829. USA chants
  830. Using a Twizzler as a straw
  831. Victory dances
  832. Visitors
  833. Voice impressions
  834. waking up and hearing your morning class was cancelled
  835. Waking up and not feeling tired
  836. Walking a puppy
  837. Walking in sand
  838. Walking out of your last exam
  839. warm cookies
  840. Warming up by a fire
  841. Warming your hands on a mug of hot coffee/tea/hot chocolate
  842. Warming your hands over a fire
  843. Washing your hair for the first time after a haircut
  844. Watching a good movie
  845. Watching a thunderstorm
  846. watching someone climb a tree
  847. watching someone jump a fence
  848. Water wars
  849. Waterfalls
  850. Wearing a baseball hat sideward
  851. wearing a dress you can twirl in
  852. Wearing a smock
  853. Wearing slippers
  854. Weddings
  855. Western saloon doors
  856. when a game goes into penalty kicks
  857. When a great movie is on TV
  858. When a group comes together
  859. When a movie is based on a true story
  860. When a picture hangs level on the first try
  861. When a pictures is two things at once
  862. When a soda explodes when someone tries to open it
  863. When a song comes on at a very inappropriate time
  864. When a song reminds you of someone
  865. When a teacher brings their child to class
  866. When adults get excited like kids
  867. When adults give college kids drinking advice
  868. When an entire group is wearing matching t-shirts
  869. When an umbrella blows inside out
  870. When athletes sing along to the national anthem
  871. When boring things end up being really fun
  872. When cars have names
  873. When chalk is wet and it writes so much easier
  874. when clarinets squeak
  875. When Dad talks about the Kardashians
  876. When dogs cock their head to the side
  877. When dogs resemble their owners
  878. When dogs stick their heads out of car windows
  879. When dogs wag their tails
  880. When everything fits in your suitcase
  881. When girls are better than guys at something athletic 
  882. When guys are good dancers
  883. When guys feel uncomfortable in women’s stores
  884. When guys sing along to girly songs
  885. When hotels give you big fluffy bathrobes
  886. When it all makes sense
  887. When it looks like dogs are smiling
  888. When it’s so cold you can see your breath
  889. When its cold and someone lets you wear their sweatshirt
  890. When kids sit on their parent’s shoulders to see
  891. when light reflects off wet pavement
  892. When little kids drink red juice and get the little “wings” on the corners of their mouths
  893. When little kids hug the wrong person
  894. When paper is warm when it comes out of the printer
  895. When parents are hungover
  896. When parents embarrass themselves for the benefit of their children
  897. When people are listening to their headphones and start singing out loud
  898. When people are sweet to young kids
  899. When people bring you back gifts from trips
  900. When people do the worm
  901. When people freak out about bugs
  902. When people make a big deal out of your birthday
  903. When people realize you are quoting a movie
  904. When people say “you’re killin me smalls”
  905. When people stop you on the street to ask for directions
  906. When people surprise you (in a good way)
  907. When people surprise you with how kind they are
  908. When people try really hard at something they are not good at
  909. When people try to verbally describe where a constellation is
  910. When people wave to you from their car
  911. When people you don’t know recognize who you are
  912. When puppies yawn
  913. When serious people play charades
  914. When someone asks you to do something and you’ve already done it
  915. When someone can tell what you are thinking
  916. When someone has an extra hair tie when you need one
  917. When someone is visible struggling to stay awake
  918. When someone pays for the person behind them at a toll booth
  919. When someone repins you on pinterest
  920. When someone you know is in the mascot costume
  921. When something is “on the house”
  922. When something is falling and you catch it before it hits the ground
  923. When strangers say “bless you”
  924. When teachers have to use the red phone
  925. When that bug/bee finally leaves you alone
  926. When that random thing you’ve been carrying around comes in handy
  927. When the battery lasts a lot longer than expected
  928. When the Carolina basketball team dances to Jump Around
  929. When the crowd sings along to the National Anthem
  930. When the DJ plays the song you requested
  931. When the flight attendant give you the entire soda on a plane ride (instead of just a cup)
  932. When the horn comes in
  933. When the ketchup bottle makes a farting noise
  934. When the man says “that’ll do pig” in Babe
  935. When the moon and the sun are visible at the same time
  936. When the moon is huge, orange, and low in the sky
  937. When the more you get to know someone, the more you like them
  938. When the sky is pink from the sunset
  939. When the teacher lets you out of class early
  940. When the vending machine gives you more than it’s supposed to
  941. When the waiters come out to sing happy birthday to someone 
  942. When things turn out better than expected
  943. When you accidentally get into a stranger’s car thinking its your own
  944. when you are really happy with what you ordered at a restaurant
  945. When you are watching a movie and you realize you have been there
  946. When you can tell the person on the other end of the phone is smiling
  947. When you can tell what someone else is thinking
  948. When you can’t stop laughing
  949. When you catch people being thoughtful (especially when it’s out of character for them)
  950. When you cook something and its delicious
  951. When you don’t want a moment to end
  952. When you figure out a clue
  953. When you finally get to a bathroom after a long car ride
  954. when you finish a cartoon of milk before the expiration date
  955. When you first hear a song and know you’re going to love it
  956. When you hear a loud crash from the kitchen
  957. When you know all the words to a song
  958. When you know the answer
  959. When you make a really good paper airplane
  960. when you randomly know the answer to a trivia question (like in Slumdog Millionaire)
  961. When you run out of toilet paper but there’s another roll on the back of the toilet
  962. When you see someone you know while walking to class
  963. When you stop a stopwatch at exactly .00 seconds
  964. When you throw something out the car window and it comes back in another one
  965. when you turn on the TV just in time for the best part of a movie
  966. When you’re cutting wrapping paper and the scissors slide effortlessly
  967. When you’re on a run and getting tired and the perfect song comes on to pump you up
  968. When you’re thinking about someone and they text you
  969. When your cheeks hurt from smiling so much
  970. When your dog is really excited to see you
  971. When your drink comes with a lemon (or any fruit)
  972. When your hard work pays off
  973. When your hiccups go away
  974. When your purchase is an even dollar amount
  975. When your team wins in overtime
  976. When your teeth feel slippery after getting your braces off
  977. Whispering
  978. Whistling
  979. Willpower
  980. Wind chimes
  981. Winking
  982. Winning a bet
  983. Winning bingo
  984. Winning money
  985. Winning somebody over
  986. wishbones
  987. Wishes
  988. Wishing on eyelashes
  989. Wrap around porches
  990. Writing in wet concrete
  991. Writing on blank paper
  992. Writing with a good pen
  993. Yard sales
  994. Young kids being a leader to younger kids
  995. Your ears popping and being able to hear so much better
  996. Your first pet
  997. Your shadow
  998. YouTube videos worth sharing
  999. Zip off pants
  1000. Zoos 

WOOOOOO!!!! I finally reached 1000!!! 


One thought on ““The Good Things”

  1. Nancy McMahon says:

    em the list is great! I loved it! What an interesting young lady you are….Lovr you G’ma

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