Massive Update

We are entering the last week of classes, and it’s sad to think the first part of the trip is almost over.  I enjoyed both of my classes, and I really liked my marketing teacher.  She seems to know so much, and I feel like I learned a ton in a very short amount of time.  Because this first part is coming to a close, I have some updates… 


Unfortunately, Michelle and I did not win the paperchase.  Another pair of girls created a blog with photos, videos, and a lot of information.  It was very good, and definitely more scholastic than our video (our video was more fun!).  BUT we came in second place and won 100 pounds!! AND Michael Oliver sent the video out in the weekly newsletter.  I am very glad we competed and it will be fun to look back on that video after I get home.  

2nd: The semester break!

We get a full week (July 1-7th) off between our classes and our internship.  My roommate and I planned an amazing week traveling around the British Isles.  We are going to Dublin the first weekend, and then up to Belfast on Monday, and then to Edinburgh until Thursday.  And then we are taking the train all the way down to London in time for the World Pride Parade on Saturday.  I am so excited! We are going with two of our friends, Rachel and Tyler, who are both awesome and should be a lot of fun to travel with.  A lot of people are headed to the beach, but I really wanted to go to Ireland, and I think this trip is going to be perfect! 

I am thinking about the Lucae today!! Congrats to Greg & Sarah! and I hope everyone has a great time in Nantucket this weekend! 


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