Here comes the sun

Today was the first sunny day we have had in a while, so I tried to enjoy the city as much as possible.  We had class this morning until 1, and then Michelle and I went to the Design Museum.  It was really interesting.  They currently have two special exhibits.  The first was on Louboutin and the design process behind his shoes.  The second exhibit was “The Best Designs of 2012,” and included the most innovative designs from all industries in the last year.  It was amazing! It showed all different fields (like architecture, fashion, electronics, etc) and a lot of the stuff you could touch/test out.

After the museum we walked down the River Thames to the Monument to the Great Fire of London, and climbed to the top.  It was over 300 stairs and it was a very windy and steep, but we made it! You could see a ton of famous London landmarks from up there and I took a ton of pictures.

After the Monument, we went to St.Paul’s Cathedral.  We were too late to go inside, but it was SO beautiful from the outside.  It was HUGE or as they say here MASSIVE.  There was a beautiful flower garden beside the church where I took a ton of artsy pictures of flowers and thought of Ten Matchsticks 🙂

I hope we have more nice weather tomorrow, and I am keeping my fingers crossed that it will be nice in Paris this weekend.


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