We didn’t start the fire

Yesterday I was part of a fire evacuation! We went to Portobello Markets, which is this huge street market packed with stalls and vendors, and we went to this cute cafe in the middle of the market for lunch.  It was such a cute place, and the food was amazing, but the waiter was taking forever to bring us our check.  Then, loud sirens started blaring and a woman’s voice came over the intercom asking everyone to clear the building.  I couldn’t see a fire, but I could smell smoke.  So we all filed out through the back fire exit, and once we got out of the building we could really see all of the smoke.  It was crazy! It was pretty chaotic because it was also right in the middle of a road filled with people and stands.  The fire trucks came and had a very difficult time getting through the streets, but luckily no one was injured.  And we all got a free lunch! 

After the fire, we walked around the market and checked out a bunch of different stalls.  It was massive! There were so many cool things to look at, and so much Union Jack (flag) stuff! Plus, yesterday was sunny and nice, so it was great to be outside.  

Today, we are going to the Camden Markets, which to my understanding are like the “artsier” version of the Portobello Markets.  It is where Amanda Bynes and Colin Firth went shopping in What A Girl Wants.  It might even be the place Mary Kate & Ashley went in WInning London too.   I’m pretty excited to see it! Anne & Sarah, I feel like yall would love it 🙂 You could do your own trying-on-clothes montage.  


One thought on “We didn’t start the fire

  1. Carol Lucas says:

    So glad you and everyone were ok!!

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