Camden Markets

Today we went to Camden Markets.  It was so massive and so overwhelming! There were so many stalls and food vendors and people! It was so cool.  We got there around lunch time, and we all spread out and got different foods.  I had a delicious box of a combination of Thai foods.  We sat at a bench on a little river and had a great time eating and people watching.  After lunch we walked around and looked at all the stalls.  I got a couple of fun things, but mostly just enjoyed looking through everything.  We went into this one crazy store Cyberdog, because I thought I recognized it from the shopping spree scene in Winning London.  We went inside and there were dancers, a black light, and a ton of neon.  I actually saw the futuristic hoop dresses they wore in the movie, but you had to make a security deposit to take them into the dressing room, so I didn’t do it.  We spent all afternoon walking around and looking at stuff, and then around 5:30 we started making our way home.  Since it was the end of the day, all of the food vendors were trying to get rid of their food.  We got a bag of delicious donuts basically for free and enjoyed them on the tube ride home.  


One thought on “Camden Markets

  1. Carol Lucas says:

    Sounds like a great day Emily!! XO

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