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1st: CONGRATULATIONS Sarah for graduating! I can’t wait to hear about your speech! 

The last two days have been very busy.  Yesterday, I had Marketing all morning and then went to the National Portrait Gallery in the afternoon.  They are having a special exhibit for the Diamond Jubilee called “Queen: Art & Image.”  It went through her six decades as Queen and showed the different images that have shaped the public’s perception of the royal family.  I thought it was really interesting, and there were a couple of candid photos of the Queen when she was younger that I really liked.  

This morning I had Advertising, and then went to the Queen’s Gallery in the afternoon to see the Leonardo da Vinci exhibit.  It’s called “Anatomist: Inside his mind, Inside the body.”  It was a collection of da Vinci’s sketches and studies of the body.  I really liked it! The gallery did a good job explaining what everything was, plus it was amazing to see how accurate he was.  After the museum we walked around St. James park and took a ton of pictures.  It has been really cold here, but it stopped raining this afternoon, so it was nice to be outside and walk around.  

I am planning on having a very touristy weekend, and then we are talking about maybe going to Paris next weekend.  I am so excited! 


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