BIG day!

Today was a big day! This morning, our marketing class went to the Brand Museum to start our semester project.  The museum had all types of products organized by decades from the 1900’s onward.  We are supposed to examine how different political/social/economic factors shaped the “branding” of product.  For my project, I am comparing British propaganda posters and advertisements from WWI and WWII.  They had some very interesting ones at the museum today, and I am excited to learn more.  Plus I think it would be a good way to branch out from my American perspective of the world wars.  

After lunch I had my interview with the Furtherfield Gallery, and it was awesome!! The gallery is in the middle of Finsbury Park, which kind of reminded me of Country/Jaycee Park back in Greensboro.  It’s really big with a football field, basketball courts, a play ground, and running trails.  I wish I had brought my camera because there was also this really pretty flower garden leading up to the gallery.  Everything about the gallery sounds perfect to me.  They are trying to make art more accessible to the community and do different projects to try to make that happen.  

I am going to get to work both in the gallery and help with their current project.  They are making a “sound sculpture” for the Cultural Olympiad festival (which is like a city-wide cultural celebration going alongside the Olympics).  My interviewer was so nice, and I am going to be working with two other British interns, which I am really excited about.  The more I heard about the gallery, the better it sounded.  They are a non-profit organization, but instead of being based around raising money, they are focused on community involvement.  Leaving the park I was so happy, it was hard not to tell people on the tube ride home about Furtherfield 🙂 


2 thoughts on “BIG day!

  1. carol lucas says:

    sounds like a great day! Whoo hoo! so glad all is well.

  2. Anne McMahon says:

    Great day indeed! You’re the best Emily. Xoxo


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