Avicii at the O2

We went to Avicii last night, and it was so much fun!!! The O2 is awesome, the crowd was pumped, and even the opening act was really entertaining.  My roommate, Michelle, and I went with a friend from our kitchen and met up with some of our new British friends at the theater, and then our UNC guy friends came later.  It was such a fun group, and it was kind of unbelievable that we were all able to find each other! We had great seats too.  We were just to the side of the stage, decently high up.  We could see Avicii clearly and had a great view of the huge crowd.  I need to figure out how to post videos to the blog so I can upload some from the concert! Levels and Fade into Darkness were probably my two favorite songs, but it was really all good. 

Today has been very cold and rainy.  I have been working on the Paper Chase video and researching my internship placement.  It looks so cool! I have my interview tomorrow afternoon, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed that everything goes well!!

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