The Diamond Jubilee

Today was the Queen’s Jubilee River Pageant, and it was awesome! The pageant, which was a procession of over 300 boats down the River Thames, started at 2:00.  We left a little before 12, hoping that we could find a good spot along the river and hopefully see some of the action.  It was PACKED! There were so many people and so many flags! We walked along the river for probably half a mile trying to find a good spot, and then settled on a spot across from the London Eye.  I was with a group of about ten friends, and we weren’t close enough to even see the river, but we were near a huge TV screen which was televising the whole event.  We waited there for a while for the procession to start.  The crowd went crazy when Will and Kate got out of their car! And then a couple minutes later the Queen arrived and everyone started cheering and screaming and waving their flags and taking pictures.  We were part of a huge crowd watching on a truck-sized TV screen.  A while later the procession came past our spot on the river.  The front boat had these huge bells and there were also loud horns and what looked like confetti being sprayed in the air.  I didn’t get to see the actual boat, but it was VERY clear when it was passing us.  Minutes after it passed our spot, it started to rain, so the whole crowd started to move out.  Because of the large crowd, they had shut down the tube stations nearby and would not let anyone on the bridges, so we were kind of stuck.  We sat down on a bench and just waited it out.  And then when everyone else was headed out and away from Thames, we went back over Westminster Bridge and headed towards the Royal Festival Hall where they were hosting the World Food Market.  By this point it was pouring down rain, so the crowd had cleared out a ton.  It felt so cool walking over Westminster Bridge in the rain with boats floating by and patriotic music playing 🙂 I took some good videos on my Flip Camera.  By the time we got to the World Food Market we were all soaked and super hungry.  The Market was a ton of food trucks and stations with food from all over the world.  We found a good spot inside and then ran back out into the rain, got food from a truck, and ran back inside.  Then once we finished, we ran back outside, got more food, and ran back inside.  While we were inside the Festival Hall eating, they had this huge TV screen set up with the end of the Jubilee procession.  There were screening a big band/orchestra playing British anthems, and everyone in there was clapping and singing along.  It was so cool!  They ended with God Save/Bless the Queen and almost everyone in there was on their feet cheering.  It was such a happy moment 🙂

One thought on “The Diamond Jubilee

  1. Anne McMahon says:

    Feel like i was there with you! Xo. Anne

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