Day 1: Waking up in London

Today is my first full day in London.  It was so exciting to wake up (out of a very deep sleep this morning) and realize that I was in London.  I’m staying in a place called The Crofton which is perfect for what we are doing.  I’m in a triple room and our hall has its own full kitchen, which is great.  It is also really close to our class building, two tube stops, and Hyde park (which looks awesome).  Across the street from Hyde Park, there is a coffee shop called “Hyde Perk” which I thought was so cute and just like FRIENDS’ Central Perk.  I’m excited to go get coffee there soon.  

Today was all orientation stuff.  Since our group is so big, the program rented out a French movie theater for the presentations.  The seats were sooooo comfortable, but the room was also really hot, which was a deadly combination (along with jet lag) for falling asleep.  Orientation was basically a crash course on everything British: politics, culture, and US relations.  There were a couple of different speakers and it essentially lasted all day.  The last speaker ended his presentation with a clip from Love Actually.  It was when Hugh Grant stands up for his country to Billy Bob Thorton…. it’s a great clip, and the speaker said people literally stood up and started cheering when he first saw the movie.  

After orientation a group of us went to get phones and tube cards, and now we have a little break before tonight’s activities.  I am going to a “comedy night” which all of the speakers were heavily promoting today.  I am excited to hear the comedian because we were warned that British humor is a lot different than American humor.  

Tomorrow, the whole group is going on a boat trip of the Thames, and I am so excited! We have been mostly inside since getting here, and I haven’t been able to take pictures, so I can’t wait for tomorrow! 


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