I made it!

I’m officially in London!!! Had quite the adventure over here.  I was too excited to sleep on the flight over here, so did a lot of pacing, people watching, and watched some horrible movies.  When we arrived, we decided to be adventurous and took the tube.  It was quite challenging with all of our luggage… and we definitely stood out as tourists, but we made it! I am about to go to a safety orientation meeting, and hopefully learn more about what to expect in the next few days.  

I’m so happy to be here!


4 thoughts on “I made it!

  1. Anne McMahon says:

    Emily, so glad you’re blogging! Love you, have fun! Love, Anne

  2. Julie says:

    So glad you made it there safely!! Can’t wait to hear all about your trip!!! Have fun!

  3. Carol Lucas says:

    Yay! So glad you made it and can’t wait to start hearing about your adventures. XO

  4. Charles Lucas says:

    Hey Em, glad you made it safely. Congrats on taking the tube with your luggage. Have fun. We love you. Dad

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