Today is the day!!!

Today is the day I leave for London!! I have had a countdown for this day going since I officially bought my plane tickets. Image I am so excited and kind of nervous, and can’t wait to start this trip.  I leave for the airport in about an hour.  It’s going to be quite an extensive traveling trip: I’ll drive to Raleigh, fly to Newark, hang out in the airport for a bit, fly to Heathrow, take the tube to the closest station, and then walk the final portion (with all of my luggage) to our residence.  LOL.  I made sure to pack my flip video camera in my purse because I’m sure there will be some film-worthy moments at some point during this journey.  I can’t believe I am this close to being in London! I am so excited to see London, meet a bunch of new people, perfect my British accent, work with the Featherfield Gallery, be in the Olympic host city, go to all the touristy places, and just see what everything is like!!! 

My next blog will be from across the pond 🙂 


One thought on “Today is the day!!!

  1. My favorite parts of this post: the final walking leg and perfecting your British accent. Hahaha miss you already! I hope you’re having an AMAZING time!

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