I Love Thanksgiving

I am a big fan of the holidays, and this year I am particularly looking forward to Thanksgiving. First of all, it is this week, which makes me excited. Second, we get a long Thanksgiving break, which means I will get to spend almost a week at home and get to see my family and all my high school friends. And finally, it is a great holiday. I like Thanksgiving because it kick-starts the holiday season. People start getting into the “holiday spirit” and are excited to get a break from work/school and spend time with their relatives. Also, the Thanksgiving episodes of TV shows are normally my favorite. For most shows, I really think the writers do their best when they are basing the episode around a holiday. FRIENDS is my favorite TV show, and the Thanksgiving episodes are amazing. Even if you don’t watch FRIENDS, I highly recommend you at least watch the Thanksgiving episodes, because they are fantastic. Seriously, sometime over Thanksgiving break you should watch one of the following episodes: The One with the Late Thanksgiving, The One with all the Football, The One where Ross got High, or The One with Rachel’s Other Sister. They will be on TV this week, and they are all very funny and clever, and will make you very happy that it is Thanksgiving time. I will be going home to Greensboro for Thanksgiving. I am leaving on Monday afternoon, and I am very excited. Not only will I get to see my family, and my older sister (who goes to school in Nashville, Tennessee) but my grandmother, aunt, and cousin are all visiting too! I love when we have visitors at our house. It makes everything more fun. On Thanksgiving morning, we are going to run in a 5k race, called the “Greensboro Gobbler.” I am planning on dressing up like an Indian, and hoping to convince the other five members of my family who are running to dress up like Indians (or Pilgrims) too. I thought it would be really fun if we were to all dress up like Indians, and run the entire race in an Indian Run. It’s something we had to do in lacrosse season. You all get in a single-file line and the person from the back sprints up and becomes the leader, and you keep repeating this for the entire run. Thanksgiving should be a lot of fun this year. I am really looking forward to not having school for almost) a week, watching the FRIENDS Thanksgiving episodes, and spending time with my whole family.


One thought on “I Love Thanksgiving

  1. Samer says:

    It sounds like you had a blast for thanksgiving. I hope you had fun watching the Friends episodes (I think they’re hilarious) and seeing all your friends. Also, I hope your thanksgiving run went well. I remember I volunteered to help with one of those in my home town; I had to be there at 7:00 which would have never happened if I tried to volunteer again this year. Anyway, although I’m not American myself, I still don’t mind eating a well roasted/baked turkey. This year my family and I were invited to a Thanksgiving dinner in which we did the normal eating of the turkey and giving thanks. Also, this was a special year for us because of another holiday. Friday, also known as Black Friday, was the most special holiday of the Islamic faith. We, again, were invited to another dinner in which we celebrated the holiday and received simple presents. So, I had double the food to eat; making my break double as exciting as it originally would have been

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