The weather today was fantastic!
I woke up this morning to the sun shining in my window, and it just made me feel good. In my dorm room, my bed sits right under the window. And the blinds are always pulled up, so I have a very nice view of the Carolina sky. The blinds are really gross, so it is not even worth it to pull them down. Originally, they may have been white, but now they are this weird brown/yellow/neutral color, which sadly kind of matches the color of the walls. (I am trying to cover them up as much as possible too) Anyway, the blinds are not pretty, so they are always pulled up.
I love being able to open my window and feel the sun shine in. It makes blogging or reading about public policy so much more enjoyable. Ideally, I would just be able to go outside and blog, or correct my Spanish paper, or read my online articles, but I can never see my computer screen when I’m outside. Even when I’m under a tree (partly in the shade) I still can not see it. I have to go like behind a building where the sun is completely blocked out, which defeats the point of going outside in the first place. Luckily, I was able to be outside a lot today, even though my homework kept me inside a little bit.
After a week of rainy cold and windy weather it feels great to put on shorts and enjoy walking outside. During the middle of the week when it was super cold and the wind was blowing the rain sideways it was kind of miserable. I would get soaking wet before my classes, and then have to sit there for the whole class cold and wet. It got to the point where walking to class was almost comical. Everyone was carrying umbrellas and there were puddles everywhere on the sidewalk which slowed everyone down walking. Also, the wind would occasionally blow people’s umbrellas inside out, which is (in my opinion) one of the most defeating things that can happen to you. It got to the point where I would pass people I knew on the sidewalk and we would just laugh because we understood how miserable the other person was.
I am so glad the weather got better. I don’t know if I could have taken a full week of rainy days. But going through that week definitely makes me appreciate sunny days like today more.


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