Friday Blogging

I figured I would go ahead and blog now so I would not have to worry about it this weekend.  I have a friend coming in to town, so I do not want to have a lot of work to do on Saturday and Sunday, so I am hoping that with this blog out of the way, my schedule will seem to be more open.  I know ideally it should not be that difficult to write down 400 words about any subject you want, but sometimes it actually takes me a while to think about what to blog about, and then to put it coherently into 400 words, with some sort of beginning, middle, and end.  But today, I am trying out a new way of blogging because my friend is coming into town, and I do not want to make her sit and watch me blog (although I know she would think it was funny that I have my very own blog).

She would think it was funny because I am not a very computer savvy person.  In my high school, everyone had laptops, but I still preferred taking notes by hand.  I love to doodle, and I feel like I can figure things out on paper easier than I can figure them out on the computer.  So she would be surprised that I am now a “blogger” and will very shortly have my very own webpage too.

The one thing I really like about this blog is that if I type “Lucadoodle” into a Google search, my blog is one of the first things that pops up.  Although no one who reads my blog understands my “screen name” it is probably my favorite part about my blog.  My friend (who is coming into town this weekend) would understand, and that is another reason why she would find this blog so comical.

Lucadoodle is the summer camp my sisters and I started and I have helped lead for the last three summers.  It’s for rising third and fourth grade girls, and we play a bunch of different games, make crafts, eat lots of popsicles, and have lots of fun.  I talk about the camp a lot (especially in the summer) and one of my friends has started calling me Lucadoodle.  I like the name, and it makes me really happy that it is now recognized on Google.

So now I have reached 400 words, and no blogging this weekend when my friend is visiting!


3 thoughts on “Friday Blogging

  1. Sara Akhavan says:

    I too have done the Friday blogging in order to rid the anxiety of thinking of something worthy to write about on Sunday. In my case, it’s Saturday morning blogging today. I didn’t know that high schoolers anywhere used laptops, I thought that was only a college thing. I prefer the hand-written notes too because I feel like I take in the material a lot more than if I’m just typing aimlessly. Besides, it’s way too tempting to be on a laptop in class since the internet beholds so many distractions. You know how Professor Gitterman gets in our public policy class too…I feel like he would hate me forever (and not to mention fail me) if he caught me on Facebook during class. Also, I think it’s really cool that you started a camp! That’s so awesome! It sounds like a fun and safe environment for girls to have fun.

  2. collonia says:

    I would have to agree with you two on this one. I actually did my blog on Wednesday or so, because I knew / thought I would not have the nerve to write a Blog the day of my 21st Birthday. Well that is my reasoning behind it. I love this blog, it is a good way to just get to know other people in our class. It definitely helps me learn names. Also I like it because it makes me think about my week to choose the best subject matter. I love the fact that you and your sisters have your own camp. How long is it during the summer?

  3. egooding says:

    Just as you, Sara, and Laura, I am also about to write my blog now. I decided to read some other people’s first to check for ideas, and when I really enjoyed yours and am excited to be getting my blog post done, as well.

    I, like you, am not a computer person. I write papers, listen to music, send emails, get online, and every now and then make a powerpoint or record some music. I can not figure things out on computers. I like paper, too. I’m not quite sure how this website thing is going to go, but I’ll probably just end up camping out at the ITS Help Center.

    That’s funny about the name, and that’s really awesome about the camp! I would like to hear more about the camp, so if you need another idea for a blog, there’s one!

    Congrats on the 400 words. I have now completed my blog post. Now on to the blog…

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