Ellie Power

Ellie is a seven year old girl. She has two little brothers and one little sister. She loves Disney Princesses and is excited about Halloween. She is my mom’s cousin’s daughter (although I just call her my cousin) and this summer she was diagnosed with leukemia.
Shortly after her diagnosis, her family made orange ELLIE POWER bracelets (similar to Lance Armstrong’s “Live Strong”). They gave them out to family and friends as a way to show support for Ellie and keep her in people’s thoughts and prayers.
Because I was so excited to receive a bracelet and I wanted to do something for Ellie in return. My first thought was to get a picture of a celebrity wearing the bracelet. I wanted to show Ellie that a really famous person was thinking of her and wanted her to get better. Then, I realized I lived in Greensboro and never see celebrities, so I decided to take pictures of as many people as I possibly could wearing the ELLIE POWER bracelet.
I told my family about the plan, and they were very excited. We started thinking about all the fun people we could get to wear the ELLIE POWER bracelets and how fun it would be to send ELLIE a book of all the pictures.
We went to the local park on the fourth of July and interrupted multiple family picnics to get people to pose with the bracelets. We went to a bunch of restaurants, stores, and even the bank to get the people behind the counter to wear them. We took pictures of doctors, police men, fire fighters, and even people re-enacting a battle!
Everyone who has heard Ellie’s story has been so nice and eager to help. People have dropped whatever they were doing to pose for the pictures. In one store, a customer overheard us telling the cashier Ellie’s story, and bought her a little toy bear, and in one of the restaurants, all the waiters got together for a picture AND the guy tossing pizza dough put one on for a great action shot.
Right now, there are over one hundred pictures of people wearing the ELLIE POWER bracelets, and showing their support for Ellie. Since her diagnosis, she has been through multiple rounds of chemotherapy and is currently going through a blood stem cell transplant. I wear my bracelet all the time, and I like looking down at it and thinking of my little cousin. Hopefully, she will continue to get pictures of people wearing her bracelets, thinking of her, and wishing for the best.


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