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Today I got really excited for the Fall.  The weather was great: cold but not too cold.  The air was crisp, the sun was out, and most importantly, I got to see a whole bunch of pumpkins.

 Today I got to work at a pumpkin patch.  I woke up early (well, early for a Sunday morning) to help unload a truck filled with pumpkins.  Seeing all of those pumpkins made me really excited for the Fall, and more specifically Halloween.  There must have been hundreds of pumpkins.  There were five long rows of big pumpkins, which looked so cool lined up; I wish I had thought to bring my camera, and then a bunch of medium pumpkins (about the size of a cantaloupe).  There were also little tiny white pumpkins (which I don’t think anyone bought) and a bunch of different gourds of varying color and size.

 After the pumpkins were all set up, I got to make a big poster that said “PUMPKIN PAINTING.”  Making posters is one of my favorite things to do.  I love occasions that need to be advertised with posters (birthdays, school events, carnivals, pumpkin patches).  And to make it even better, they had a large selection of paint pens and metallic sharpies to use to make the posters.  I could have sat there and colored with those paint pens all day, but the I wouldn’t have gotten to enjoy the pumpkins.

 Unfortunately, I had to go back to my dorm to eat and do some studying, but it did not take long before I was ready to go back to the pumpkin patch.  I really wanted to do some pumpkin painting.  I figured that carving a pumpkin would be too challenging in a dorm room, especially when the only knife I have really can not cut anything.  I decided to wait on carving pumpkins until fall break, and instead I would just paint.

 When I got to the pumpkin patch for the second time today, there were a few families there.  There were a ton of kids at the pumpkin painting section, making a complete mess out of everything.  There were pumpkins dripping with pink and blue paint, and parents with looks of concern about how on earth they were going to get those pumpkins home.

 I picked a good looking (and fairly large) pumpkin, and sat down on the sidewalk to paint.  I have a good friend at UNC who LOVES Halloween, so I decided to paint him a Carolina Jack-o-Latern.

 I had so much fun painting the first pumpkin that I decided to get another.  I figured I would paint that one for my roommate.  The second pumpkin was so much fun to paint, that I decided to get a third pumpkin.  By the third pumpkin, I was getting more creative.  I painted an entire Halloween scene on it (complete with wicked witch, ghost, and bat).  I was very proud of all of my pumpkins

 Spending the day with so many pumpkins has really gotten me in the Halloween-spirit.  I am so happy that it is only two weeks away, and am excited to see pumpkins all around Chapel Hill.


One thought on “Pumpkin Blog

  1. Sara Akhavan says:

    i am SO excited for fall too! pumpkins symbolize so many good things..like the fact that halloween is coming soon and things like fall break, thanksgiving, and pumpkin pie yummm are all in the air. i actually got a change to go to a pumpkin patch this weekend with people from my dorm..it ended up being a farm/corn maze in the middle of nowhere in durham. it was lovely being there and seeing all the pumpkins (which i agree, do look cool when they’re all lined up in rows). the only downfall was that all of the pumpkins were huge – and thus expensive so i wasn’t able to purchase one. i know for sure though i will get one over fall break and paint it. i am definitely sticking to the painting rather than messy, risky, smelly, short-lived carving. show us your masterpiece pumpkins!

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