Computer Blog

Life would be completely different without computers. There are so many things that we everyday, without even thinking about it, that we would really miss if we did not have computers.

Email would not exist. People could not continuously update you throughout the day with things you should know and things you should do.

There would not be a website for teachers to post assignments. You could not check your homework online. There would be no online quizzes, and teachers could not send you additional information.

And more importantly, there would be no power points. If there were no computers in this world, you would have never seen a power point presentation in your entire life. Class presentations would be redefined. People would have to resort back to slide projectors.

There would be no online shopping. Nothing could be order with the click of a mouse. You would have to go to the store every time you wanted to buy something.

No computers would severely shorten our music libraries. Not only would YouTube be nonexistent, but iTunes would be impossible as well. There would be no way to buy songs individually. People would have to go back to buying entire CDs at a STORE.

And music would not be the only thing you would miss from the convenience of YouTube. Funny videos could not be passed around, and you could not look up the best clips from movies (like Ferris Bueller singing to Twist & Shout).

We would not be able to figure out what famous person was in what movie, or what quote was said at the end of a certain scene.

So many random questions would go unanswered because you could not just type it into “Google.”

Looking up Halloween costumes would be a much bigger challenge.

It would take much longer for bets to be resolved. Instead of quickly finding the answer to “what is Annie and Hallie’s birthday in the movie, The Parent Trap?” or “who ran against Reagan for president?” you would have to actually spend time watching the movie or looking it up in a history book.

Mapquest would not have been invented. GPS systems probably would not have been invented either. People would have to use maps, or they would have to rely on other people’s directions to get them places.

Google Earth would definitely not have been invented. You would have never been able to look up the exact location (and find the image) of peoples’ houses.

Facebook would not exist. You would not get updates on peoples’ statuses, see who have they have been writing too, and what they have been doing with their lives. Most importantly, you could not look at pictures of all your friends on Facebook. There would be so fewer pictures in the world if Facebook did not exist!

Simply put, computers have changed our lives even more than we realize. Think about it, you could even read this blog if you did not have a computer.


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