Good things about being in the car

Good Things About Being In the Car

Our class activity got me thinking about all the little annoying things about life.  I enjoyed hearing what other people had to say, and thought it was very interesting that so many peoples’ “pet peeves” had to do with driving and being in the car.

And I completely understand.  I feel like as people, we are more likely to get annoyed in a car.  In that confined space, with no where to go, things seem to bother you even more.  There were many examples of things that happen on the road that really annoyed people in our English class.

So to counterbalance that, I thought I would share a few things I really love about being in the car.

1st: the sunroof

I love being in the car when the sunroof is open.  It provides just the right amount of breeze and lets the sunlight directly into the car.  Also, it makes the car seem more open and considerably less stuffy.

2nd: carpooling

When there are too many people packed into a car, it makes me really happy.  When every seat in the car is taken (and maybe even a few more people squeezed in) my mood is automatically improved.  And I don’t even have to be in the car.  I love just seeing this occur, especially in trucks.  Seeing three large men squeezed into the front seat of a truck never fails to make me smile.  I am aware this is not the safest way to travel, but it makes being in the car much more fun.

3rd: riding shotgun

I do not enjoy driving nearly as much as I enjoy riding in the passenger seat.  It is so relaxing to lean back, put your feet on the dashboard, and enjoy the breeze from the open sunroof.  Some of my favorite conversations have come from the front seat of a car.  It is a definite benefit of having no where to go.  And you get to be in charge of the music, which is another excellent aspect of being in the car!

So, overall, there are a lot of good things about riding in a car.  Even though terrible drivers are frustrating and backseat drivers get annoying, it’s not all bad.  Just open the sunroof, play some music, and talk to a friend.


3 thoughts on “Good things about being in the car

  1. collonia says:

    very interesting decision to counterbalance the predominantly negative conversation about cars. I like that you mentioned the three large men in a truck because as a matter of fact, I saw this phenomenon today as I drove back to Chapel Hill from Fayetteville with my boyfriend Josh. It always cracks me up when I see grownups tucked into a little truck, preferably sweaty and obese.

    I am glad that you like to be a passanger, I hate it with a passion. I would much rather drive than be the passenger, especially when it comes to my own car. I get very aggrivated when others touch “my” side of the car.

  2. Nancy McMahon says:

    You should try listening to Opera in the car…You can even try to sing along and nobody cares.!!!

  3. miklowcicj says:

    I do not know why, but I feel very uncomfortable in cars. I usually can not enjoy the ride because I either get car sick or I just feel awkward. I cannot read anything in the car because I generally feel sick if I do so. If I look at the surroundings outside sometimes my eyes have problems adjusting and I begin to have a headache. When I am driving, however, I generally feel okay. I have to agree with your point about sitting shotgun though. I feel much better if I am sitting shotgun in a car than if I am in the back. For some reason the back of the car generally makes me feel more sick and more uneasy. I would probably rather be in the shotgun seat than driving as well. Driving takes a lot of effort and concentration for me. It could just be that I am fairly inexperienced at driving, but it is usually a stressful activity for me rather than a fun activity.

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